Dog breeds: American Water Spaniel

Dog breeds: American Water Spaniel

Origin, classification and history

Origin: USA.
F.C.I classification: Group 8 - retrieving dogs, hunting dogs, water dogs.

The American Water Spaniel is a breed that has been bred for many years in the United States. The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club only in 1940, the year in which the first specimen of this breed was also registered, "Tidewater Teddy". He received the recognition of the International Cinotechnology Federation only in the year 1979. it is an almost unknown breed outside the United States. Mainly used as a working dog. In the selection of the breed, the "Irish Water Spaniel" and the "Curly-coated Retriver" were probably used.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog with a solid appearance, typical of the Spaniel. His coat is curly, responsive and muscular. Adequate size and conformation are essential for the breed; correct typicality of the head; coat texture and color; sociable character; general impression of intelligence; strength and endurance. One of the peculiarities that makes this breed unique is the color of the coat.


The temperament of the American Water Spaniel is fairly balanced. He can be very calm if he is not stimulated. It is a breed that gives great satisfaction for the company. A dog rather suitable for keeping at home with family and children, to whom it does not create any kind of problem. She is very affectionate. It is one of those breeds that likes to be the center of attention and that always likes to play. Very jovial and sociable. He immediately becomes familiar with people he doesn't know.

American Water Spaniel (photo

American Water Spaniel (photo


Height: from 38 cm to 46 cm at the shoulder.
- males from 13 kg to 20 kg
- females from 11 kg to 18 kg.

Trunk: well developed, solid structure but not too compact. The various regions are proportionate. Strong, slightly arched kidneys. The thorax must be deep but not excessively wide. The ribs are wide open.
Head and muzzle: of moderate length, rather broad and full skull, moderately defined but not too pronounced stop. Muzzle of good length, covered with short and smooth hair.
Truffle: sufficiently wide and with well developed nostrils to ensure the fineness of the nose.
Teeth: firm and well aligned teeth, without upper or lower prognathism.
Neck: round, medium length, robust and muscular, without dewlap; proudly wears his head, but without forming an accentuated arch.
Ears: long and wide, lobe-shaped, not attached too high but slightly above the eye line. The skin reaches the end of the nose and is well covered with thick curls.
Eyes: hazel, brown or dark, according to the coat; well spaced. The expression must be awake, nice and intelligent.
Skin: rather adherent and soft.
Limbs: powerful and reasonably straight. Solid hindquarters, with sufficiently flexed stalks and robust, well-descended hocks. Feet proportionate to the size of the dog, with well closed toes and thick plantar pads.
Shoulder: inclined, muscular and well defined.
Musculature: well developed and well sculpted on the hind limbs.
Upper line: straight.
Tail: of moderate length, slightly curved in the shape of a cradle, carried slightly below the line of the back, mobile in action; it tapers gradually and is covered with fur up to the tip.
Hair: must be well curled or have a wavy effect and a density sufficient to constitute protection against cold and bad weather. It must never be rough. The limbs have curly fringes, which are on average short.
Allowed colors: liver or plain dark chocolate; a little white is allowed on the chest and fingers.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, cloak with too straight hair, mouse or pink tail, cow hocks, yellow eyes, very flat skull, skull narrow at the top, slender or pointed muzzle, depigmentation of the truffle, defective rear end, incorrect movement, monorchidism, cryptorchidism.

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